Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Panto puppets

Pantomime season: Panto puppets

It’s that time of year again (oh, no it isn’t...) Oh yes it is...just one month until Christmas which means panto season is due to get firmly under way within the next week.

Think women dressed as men, over dolled up princesses, damsels in distress and plenty of vibrant sing-alongs for all members and ages of the family to enjoy.

At Promotional Props and Costumes we have been busy preparing plenty of puppets and character costumes for panto season for stage and theatre performances, think horse and cow costumes, fairy princesses and of course the infamous Dames.

Whether you run a small children’s drama group and want to encourage a different medium of acting through puppetry or are showcasing a professional pantomime production, we can cater for you. If you have your designs ready already, we can truly bring them to life.

So what is your favourite pantomime?

Here we take a look at some of the most popular:

Dick Whittington
This pantomime is the only one which depicts the true tale of a real life character, Richard Whittington who went on to become the Lord Mayor of London, however this tale does take a different path showing Dicks escape from poverty with the help of his cat. Consider portraying Dick’s cat as a puppet (who often never has any dialogue).

Jack & the Beanstalk
The plot of this pantomime eludes from folklore about a boy chased by giants out of Wales. While the beanstalk as a prop is something we have worked on previously we can help produce more original takes on the stage production, whether through the giant’s feet, puppet portrayals of magic beans or even a complete puppet cast for children’s productions.

Although set in Middle Eastern, Arabian lands this pantomime has been a popular choice at Christmas for more than 200 years. There are plenty of character and puppet opportunities with a flying carpet and of course, the Genie if you fancy showcasing an ironic take by portraying Genie’s larger than life character with a smaller sized puppet on stage.

Much like the Disney film this pantomime tends to attract the more feminine crowds more than most that are looking for the fairytale at Christmas time. We like the idea of Buttons and his mice family being presented at puppets for that little twist on the panto classic.

Puss in Boots
A feel good, rags to riches story for the kids at Christmas this panto provides the perfect opportunity to create a bespoke cat character costume for the main protagonist, Puss. Much like the tail contained in Shrek, you can choose to be as flamboyant and creative with your designs as your budget or cast desires.

If you have theatrical or pantomime characters that you want to bring to life for Christmas or any future holiday, contact Promotional Props and Costumes today.

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