Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Why choose an animal as your mascot?

Why choose an animal as your mascot?

Tony the Tiger, NFL’s Buffalo Bill and Stamford the Lion, what do they all have in common?

Animal mascots feature heavily in marketing campaigns, sports branding and viral ads. But why is the humanising of some of our most adored animals so effective in building a brand identity?

Used among some of the world’s most successful and most watched events such as the National Football League (NFL), FA World Cup and Cricket Championships in addition to helping to build the brand identity of some the biggest businesses, company’s and brands internationally, animal mascots stand as a universal symbol of representation that can be transcend the barriers created by various languages, cultures and diversities.

But why are animals so successful as mascots?

Here Promotional Props and Costumes explore this question and why animals have been used so successfully in marketing and brand building:

Originally used in sports marketing, animal mascots were used to provide a source of entertainment at intervals, breaks and to drum up the crowd and build anticipation.

History shows that this tradition of animal mascots, evolved from the first sporting events where live animals were brought along to games and would be used to strike fear into rivals and opponents.

This transformation of live animals into the two-dimensional animal mascots we now see at sporting events only really kicked off properly in the late 1960s when the Muppets appeared on television screen and films.

Attractive, cute and touchable ambassadors for sports, businesses and brands soon realised the appeal these characters achieved not only for adults but for children too and started to incorporate them into their own marketing and advertising campaigns.

The appeal mainly stems down to the cute, cuddly and endearing aspect of animals, particular for those companies who are looking to widen their interest to children and young adults.

Letting an animal do the talking for a company can create a platform for fun and creative conversation with consumers whether for the motive of conducting  market research, promoting a particular product or engagement.

If you are considering creating your own animal mascot for your sports team, company, brand or business then we can help you.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas, and make them a reality. 

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