Monday, 9 March 2015

Charity Mascots

As well as using mascots and props for entertainment purposes and for company marketing purposes, they can also be used by charities to raise awareness and help with fund raising.

Isn’t our Wildlife Trust Badger Mascot cute!?

Mascots that are both unique and relatable can really appeal to an audience. Animal mascots in particular can be vulnerable, relatable, lovable and funny, and audiences have an overwhelming response to them.  

Clever mascots and props can make a charity memorable and noticeable. If an audience associates a charity with a likable mascot, name recognition and fund-raising donations can potentially see a big boost.

Our WaterAid Toilet raising money in its running shoes!

For a long time, mascots have been able to help educate children about even the most serious subjects, such as natural disasters, because they can relate to simple characters. Adults are no different.

When we see something relatable on television - someone with a familiar personality or problem for example - we instantly become engaged and interested. A professional prop or mascot can make a charity considerably more relatable to someone.

Our clever WaterAid Toilet Costume
James Blunt posing with our WaterAid prop!

Here at promotional props, we have made high-quality, premium props and costumes for charities such as WaterAid and the Wildlife Trust. Here at Promotional Props and Costumes we've made everything from animal mascot costumes to classic character suits and corporate props. If you own a charity and are want a mascot costume or prop creating we guarantee you the best quality at the best price. 

What do you think of our WaterAid Toilet Costume?
KT Tunstall takes a seat..

The Subways loved it too!

Our team are talented, professional and dedicated to create the very best items every time. For any advice our more information please get in touch with us today. You can view our Mascot gallery here.
Even Will Young had a pose with our loo!

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