Friday, 29 May 2015

The most memorable Mascots

There are so many memorable, lovable mascots that have represented companies and brands throughout the years. A great mascot is truly memorable and will instantly make you think about a company or product. Because we make mascot costumes for companies and brands of all shapes and sizes, we thought we’d write a blog about the most unforgettable, well-known and influential mascots of all time... 

Ronald MacDonald
It’s completely impossible to think about MacDonald’s without thinking about good old Ronald MacDonald! And it’s pretty impossible to see that smiley face without instantly wanting a Big Mac (or is that just us?) Either way, is a perfect example of how a mascot can work perfectly to promote a brand. Ronald appeared in his first commercial in 1966, was an instant hit, and still is today!

Tony the Tiger

"They're gr-r-r-r-reat!" ... We all know this catchphrase and the friendly face of Kellogg’s Frosties Tony the Tiger. Around since 1952, Tony is still loved by people of all ages, but the kids are particularly fond of him.

Elsie the Cow
Elsie the cow made her debut in 1939 when she became the friendly face of Borden Dairy. After 70 years, Elsie still symbolises trust, quality and freshness to this day – the perfect mascot!

Michelin Man
Over 100 years old, the Michelin Man was created in 1898! A very recognisable figure in society, he has received a few facelifts over the years to make sure he is kept up-to-date, but he’s still as recognisable as ever.

Mickey Mouse 
Mickey Mouse is another old boy, debuting over 80 years ago in 1928! The big-eared chap communicates Disney like nothing else and is undoubtedly the most recognisable mascot in the world.

What are you favourite Mascots? Let us know in the comment section below. While mascots are not necessarily suitable for all brands and companies, they can clearly have their advantages. If you’re looking to get a mascot for your business please get in contact with us! We can make a winning mascot for your specification and budget that you and your customers will love!

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