Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Its Marathon Time!

As you can imagine here at Promotion Props and Costumes we love seeing people in wacky dress up and one of the best places to catch them all frolicking about is at one of the many marathon events held annually all across the UK.

If you are unaware of the ‘Marathon Costume’ then I’m not really sure what to suggest you’ve been getting up to but whatever it was it has definitely lead to you missing out on some very creative and outright bizarre get ups.

For many years now it has been becoming more and more popular to wear a costume when running a marathon, not so much for the full on professional runner but more for the occasional amateur and especially for those running on behalf of a chosen charity.

The general idea is to get more people to notice you and basically to make it more fun for yourself and everyone else involved. This has resulted in an ever growing crowd following at the events and more and more people partaking in the actual marathon and wearing costumes just like the ones below.

Need to see more? The has some nominees for the London Marathon 2015: Best fancy dress costumes.

So as you can see fancy dress and mascot costumes are a very big deal when it comes to marathon culture, in fact they are expected and many would be extremely disappointed to turn up to a marathon with everyone in the traditional running gear. 

Make a statement, get fit while having fun or just look silly just because...

Of course you don’t have to be in a marathon to wear a mascot costume, whatever your occasion or need Promotional Props and Costumes are always happy to guide you through the many different ways of creating a mascot costume or any product suited to your needs and budget, for more information just give us a call or send us an email

We are happy to work from an existing design or we can create a new character just for you; the choice is yours.

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