Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Top 5 Christmas related mascots

Christmas time is here again and that means people are going to be going out and dressing up to celebrate the festive time of year. Of course some of those dressing up will be putting on more than their usual smart attire and will be donning some jolly and sometimes rather comical fancy dress to bring cheer to themselves and those around them.

This is why we have come up with our top 5 favourite Christmas themed mascot costumes:

Firstly, it’s got to be the traditional Father Christmas costume, there wouldn’t be a Christmas without him at the end of the day and everyone loves seeing a jolly Santa Claus.

Where there’s Santa there’s bound be elves around somewhere, the elves costume is great for those feeling a little more mischievous but of course are still good boys and girls at the end of the day.

A Christmas pudding is an essential part of Christmas and dressing as a Christmas pudding is a great way to spread Christmas cheer and remind people of what they have to look forward on the actual day (just remember not to douse it in brandy and set it alight!).

No Christmas would be complete without a Christmas tree and dressing up as one gives you the ability to take the tree to others and remind them about the presents they waiting under their own at home. This costume has the added bonus of being able to be decorated with your own accessories for a personal touch.

We like to cater for everyone at promotion props and costumes so we’ve had to include the Grinch is our list for all of those who are less than enthusiastic about the time of year and the festive celebrations. There is no better way to instantly express your dislike for the season without any words than wearing a garish green Grinch suit to let everyone around you know about it.

Most of these costumes may seem like obvious choices for Christmas time but that’s what makes them the best choices, everyone knows what Christmas is about and they know what they expect to see at this festive time of year, so why disappoint them.

Remember, if you are thinking about investing in a company mascot in 2017, we specialise in creating mascot costumes, bespoke character costumes, one-off props, puppets and specialist pieces for the promotions, advertising and marketing industry as well as the stage and television. Because we love what we do and have lots of experience we can tackle any mascot or prop related challenge.

So have a good Christmas and a happy new year everybody, and remember if you need to brighten up your presentations, wow your clients, or make a larger than life impression on the public, you know who to come to for all you promotional puppets, props and costumes in 2017!

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